Company Profile

Company Profile          SUNTECHOPT CORPORATION

Establishment               August 31st, 1984

Capital                            JPY 96,000,000

CEO                                 Mr. Akio Haruyama

Head office                    5-3-5 Uehonmachi-nishi, Chuo, Osaka 542-0062, Japan
                                        TEL.+81-6-6764-5051 FAX.+81-6-6764-5054



Factories                        Shiga Factory(Japan), Sumoto Factory(Japan), Chizhou Factory (China)


BusinessDescription   Optical film division (for LCD products)
                                        Industrial material division (for functional products for rechargeable batteries,

                                        Electric parts)

Bank information         Mizuho Bank, Japan Finance Corporation, Shoko Chukin Bank


SHIGA Factory [ISO9001・ISO14001 certified]


Shiga factory mainly produce Prism sheet which is needed for the high brightness and quality of LCD panel. Shiga Factory cares much about Environmental issue. 

SUMOTO Factory [ISO9001・ISO14001 certified]



SUMOTO Factory manufactures Industrial products. 




CHIZHOU Factory is located in Chizhou, China for the convenient delivery to the customer. 

Company history

In August, 1984           Establishment of SUNTECH Corporation

In September, 1984    Establishment of SHIGA Factory

In August, 1988           Establishment of SHIGA second Factory

In January, 1989          Establishment of SUMOTO Factory

In August, 1991           Establishment of MIHARA Factory

In January, 1993          Establishment of Tokyo sales office 

In January, 1994          Establishment of SUMOTO New Factory (closed former SUMOTO

                                       factory and MIHARA factory).

In January, 1998          Establishment of SHIGA New Factory (closed former SHIGA factory

                                       and former SHIGA second factory). 

April, 2000                    Head office has moved to the current address. 

September, 2007        Changed company name to current SUNTECHOPT Corporation.