SUNTECHOPT is the development/manufacturer of the optical film

Development and production sell an optical film depending on customer's request

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"Ultimate low reflection film
                                     The moth eye film"

Moth has very unique eyes which do not reflect incoming light to camouflage in the darkness. Moth eye has on the surface, and these many bumps reduces the reflection from outside.Suntechopt is producing this “Moth eye” structured super low reflection optical film.

realizes reflectance rate less than 0.05%




   Three pieces of super thin laminating sheet

In a sticking UpPrism+DownPrism+DownDiffuser
 ・simplified the process by becoming it one piece of seat
 ・Super thinning of the backlight
 ・By the diffusion function by the filler reply, there is

    no filler omission fault

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Line Up

Line up Optical films  with a high added value by our unique technology

AG film for high-resolution display without sparkling

Super clear like Crystal

Surface treatment by imprinting fine patterns

Combination of the Anti-Glare function and the Low-Reflection function

Anti-Reflection, Anti-Glare performance without sparkling

Super-clear Hardcoat + Low-Reflection coat

Non-filler, Non-beads, fine AG diffuser sheet

High brightness, High impact resistance Prism

Micro Lens structure

Contact Information : Optical films

Tel. +81-6-6764-5051 
Office hours 9:00 - 17:00 (Japan Time)



Received support as an innovation company from Government

Our advanced Technology has been evaluated and adopted in many supporting projects.


【Supp-In】2011 strategic foundation technology sophisticate support project

We received support for developing Anti-Glare (AG) film using solvent-free, non-filler UV curable acrylic resin by mold imprinting roll to roll method.


【NEDO】2013 Innovation commercialize venture support project

We received support for costs of Anti-Glare (AG), AG-LR wide width (1500mm) Mass production equipment.

【Supp-In】2014 strategic foundation technology sophisticate support project

We received support for developing ultra-thin integrated film for BLU (smartphone, tablet, Note PC)

Roll To Roll manufacturing system

To improve the visibility of LCD, prism sheet is very important because it increase the brightness of the display.  We provide various types of prism sheets, using our mold imprinting technology. Non-filler type Anti-Glare (AG) films have stable haze from high to low. They have high image clarity, high hardness, and high steel wool quality. They are suitable for many kinds of display-related uses.


We offer the products of the high quality by our production system​s

companys:SHARP Corporation, Panasonic Corporation,

                      LG Electronics,SAMSON CO., LTD

​       such as domestic and foreign electronics manufacturers


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