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In recent years, the competition between companies is on a global scale. We regard marketing as vital.
In order to continuously obtain high reliability and evaluation from the customers,
It is essential to provide products and services that can be differentiated from others, guaranteed by our unique technology.

Exhibiting originality based on the marketing is the Suntech Opt’s life.We cherish the "bonds" with the customers, utilize information, and put our "souls" to create products. We provide them to the market, believing that this is our important mission as a "corporate group which creates values".

Our manufacturing technologies are approved by the government as "Foundational Technology Improvement" and "venture support" business. Since, we have attracted attention among the industry.Our "dream" is to be widely regarded as an excellent company, with our business growing more, our precious originality to be continuously acknowledged and respected by the people around the world. We have passion to challenge the realization.


                                                                   CEO Mr. Akio Haruyama